To help girls in grades 1-8 who live in Dover or Sherborn learn to play and enjoy lacrosse.

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DS Girls Lacrosse equipment 2023

Girls need the following equipment:

  1. Lacrosse women's regulation stick

  2. Lacrosse goggles

  3. Mouthguard

  4. Additional

Here is some information to make you a better purchaser. Retail and on-line stores are listed at the bottom of this page.  

1.   Lacrosse stick  

General info

  • Purchase a women's stick (often called a standard stick), not a youth or boy’s stick.  

  • If you are Grade 2-4, it is not necessary to buy a top-of-the-line stick, but if you plan to play for a few years, it may be worth investing in at least a mid-range one. For grades 5-8, beginner stick kits are less appropriate. The technology and stringing of the advanced sticks is more in line with the full field game. These sticks can carry a player into high school. 

  • Why invest in a top of the line stick in youth lacrosse?  One of the biggest reasons top of the line sticks work well for young players is because of the stringing in the head.  Oftentimes, it makes for an easier catch because the strings are a much higher quality (re:softer) and the head is strung with a ready made legal pocket.  

  • Beginner sticks come with tight, taught strings that take a while to break in which can be frustrating for our youngest players.  Parents and players are allowed to loosen the strings to create a deeper pocket, but by 3rd grade, these "loose pockets" must be tightened up to legal stick standards. 


New players Grade 2-6:

In the end, most sticks are good and we understand that color is important to most young girls.  

Note: We prefer NOT to cut the sticks shafts. However, for Grade 2-4 players, stick shafts can be too long for optimal cradling and passing and therefore can be cut. Bring your uncut stick to the first practice, and we will measure it with you and mark it for cutting. You can then cut the stick at home with a hack saw. Don't worry, we will take into account the fact that they will grow over the next few years!  

New players Grade 7-8:

If you are new in Grade 7/8 and might be interested in playing in High School, you may want to buy a higher end stick. 

Do NOT have your stick cut.  You need the full length for longer passing as you get older.  



If you have been playing for a few years and are into lacrosse, you may want to investigate the higher models by these manufacturers.  The technology has really improved in the past few years.  

We do not feel that you need to purchase a top-of-the-line stick.  The technology changes so quickly that it's very likely you will want a new stick in the next 2-3 years.  


‚ÄčAccording to one trainer, the 10-degree tilt is advantageous for keeping the ball in the pocket.  Although some players may need to get used to the slight difference in release point.  

High end shafts aren't really necessary either.  You can always upgrade the shaft later.  And do NOT have your stick cut.  You need the full length for longer passing as you get older.


2.  Lacrosse goggles
All girls are required to wear protective eye gear that meets ASTM F803 requirements. 

NOTE: Field Hockey & Lacrosse Goggles are NOT the same. Lacrosse players CAN wear Field Hockey goggles, but the reverse is not true.  If your player plays Field Hockey, she is welcome to use the same goggles for lacrosse season! 

If you are buying goggles for the first time, here is some helpful info.

Color and exact manufacturer are up to you.  Examples of goggles we have used:

  • Cascade Iris and Iris Mini ($40-$60)  

  • deBeer Lucent ($60)

  • STX 4sight Plus ($35) or Pro ($60) 

  • Brine Lux ($55)

Beware that "Mini" or "Youth" goggles might be too small, even for younger girls.  The adjustable  strap does not extend far enough to fit larger heads and the cage can be tight/narrow.  Try on goggles to make sure they fit comfortably.  Please think about whether it is comfortable for a 1.5 hour practice!  It should not be tight.

If you wear glasses, you may need to try on several kinds of goggles before you find ones that fit over your glasses.  

3.  Mouthguards
Mouthguards are mandatory.  

They must:

  • Be colored, i.e. not clear (so they don't blend into the teeth!)

  • Have no straps or tabs protruding from the mouth. 

Youth or Adult sizes are available. Some orthodontist supply girls with a special mouth guard for braces. Other girls use the ShockDoctor for braces.

Please purchase two or three, as they are frequently lost. 

4.  Additional equipment

  • Soccer cleats or any molded rubber cleats are great; sneakers are fine when the field is dry.

  • Please purchase 3 or 4 balls for practicing at home. We supply practice and games balls but the players must not take these balls home.

  • Lacrosse gloves are not necessary or recommended.  Although some girls so opt to wear girls lacrosse gloves during the colder weeks of the early season.  

  • Always bring a water bottle to games and practices. Please put your name on the water bottle

  • A sweatshirt and sweatpants are necessary for outdoor practices in the spring

Where to shop

You may want to call the sporting good store before going to make sure the stick, goggle and mouthguard you want are in stock.  Best prices and color selections can often be found on-line. Below are a few suggestions:  

  • Lacrosse Unlimited - Wellesley 

  • Natick Outdoor Store 

  • Dicks Sporting Goods, Rt 9E in Natick (across from The Natick Collection)